Troubleshooting - changes to profile

Making changes to your profile
You can change your profile information by logging in and go to your 'My profile' page - change the information and click the 'Update' button. You have 20 minutes before you're automatically logged out, so make sure you click the 'Update' before those 20 minutes have passed!

Profile picture
You can put a picture with your profile that is displayed when others view your profile, the picture is uploaded from your 'My profile' page (just above the link to 'manage your gallery' page) - select the picture and click the 'Update' button.

If you get an error message about the process 'timing out' then the picture's filesize is too big (or your connection to the servers too slow depending on how you view it :-) - adjust the picture size, if you don't know how see here.

Deleting profile
You can delete your profile from your 'My profile' page - make sure that's what you really want! - you might consider just making your profile inactive (also managed from your 'My profile' page).

If the above doesn't cover the problem you're experiencing then please login and contact me - but please make sure that the issue isn't covered here in the help section - you might be able to resolve the issue yourself and now (I get more than 150 emails daily!)

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