Troubleshooting - chat issues

Chat requirements
The chat requirements are mentioned on the entrance page to the chat.
Mac's have compatibility issues with the chat - but some users have the chat working on OS X together with Internet Explorer or Safari.

Viewing profiles
If you experience problems viewing profiles on the chat it's probably caused by 'popup blocking software' on your computer - most popup blockers allow configuration to allow specific websites to open popup windows, but you need to consult the manual for the software you're using. There's more information about this on the chat entrance page.

Problems enabling webcam / broadcasting?
try 'right clicking' the chat (hold 'apple' and click for Macs) and select 'settings' - on the 'privacy' tab try toggling between 'allow' and 'deny' - also make sure your webcam is selected on the 'camera' tab!

Old chat: copy / pasteing text from the chat
If you need to store text from the chat - eg. contact information or to report a inappropiate user - you can 'highlight' the text with your mouse, a new window will open with the text, you again have to highlight it and 'copy' the text (pressing ctrl + c) - you can now 'paste' the text into a text file or into an email.

If the above doesn't cover the problem you're experiencing then please login and contact me - but please make sure that the issue isn't covered here in the help section - you might be able to resolve the issue yourself and now (I get more than 150 emails daily!)

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