Troubleshooting - creditcard system

My creditcard is rejected although it's good!
Sorry about the trouble - I've received a couple of reports from users who have experienced that their cards got rejected the first time, but the second time they logged in, entered the 'Contribute!' page and entered the creditcard system, it worked

  • the cardnumber should be entered *without* spaces!
  • all information should be filled
  • if the transaction fails you can first try again (and be succesful) after 20 minutes! (security measure)
  • the creditcard must be issued in the country that you use it from (security measure)
- I hope you'll try again and let me know if it still doesn't work

Will my card be automatically charged later?
no - 'recurring payments' or 'automatic renewal' isn't used, if you should wish to continue your support later then you'll have to make a new (manual) payment.

If the above doesn't cover the problem you're experiencing then please login and contact me - but please make sure that the issue isn't covered here in the help section - you might be able to resolve the issue yourself and now (I get more than 150 emails daily!)

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