Troubleshooting - searching profiles

My searches returns 0 results?!
Make sure that you don't enter too restrictive criteria on the search page - read the introduction on the search page!

I have the name of another user but the search doesn't return his profile?
Make sure that you haven't selected criteria that doesn't match his profile (country, state, etc) - all criteria are used in the search.

I get a "page expired" message when returning to the search result?
If you get an 'error' message mentioning that the page has expired when you use the 'back' links or your browser's back button then you need to empty your internet browser's cache (or allocate a larger cache) - see how here

I get results that seems strange compared to my search criteria? (0 results or 'contradicting results')
Make sure your browser's cache is set correctly - otherwise it might display an old search result to you! - see here

If the above doesn't cover the problem you're experiencing then please login and contact me - but please make sure that the issue isn't covered here in the help section - you might be able to resolve the issue yourself and now (I get more than 150 emails daily!)

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