Troubleshooting - video

Playback requirements
Flash player 7 (can be downloaded here) is needed to view profile video.

Playback on Macs
The video playback is confirmed to work in the Netscape and Safari browsers

Recording requirements
Flash player 7 (can be downloaded here) and a compatible webcam is needed to record video.

How do I add video to my profile?
Go to your 'My profile' page - you'll see a link to the video recording page after the picture section.

Video and WebTV
Viewing of video is not possible with WebTV access, sorry. WebTV does support the Flash technology to some extend but unfortunately only Flash version 4.

What is Macromedia Flash player? (now Adobe Flash player)
Flash player is a browser plugin - originally it was created to display high quality images and animations with a small download size as the material was based on vector technology. Now the Flash player also offers the option of interacting with webcams.
90% of all computers with an internet browser should have a version of Flash installed.

If the above doesn't cover the problem you're experiencing then please login and contact me - but please make sure that the issue isn't covered here in the help section - you might be able to resolve the issue yourself and now (I get more than 150 emails daily!)

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